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To award the company managers and senior executives you can choose special business gift baskets. These baskets are highly elegant, stylish and distinctive, since they are designed to completely satisfy the most refined taste. With these sophisticated and delicious gift baskets, corporate identity will increase its prestige and executives will be delighted. Who can resist drinking an exquisite champagne glass, eating a delicious chocolate or unique gourmet food? Generally, professional and real companies give their executives gifts due to various corporate occasions, such as years of service, promotions, retirements, anniversaries within the company and the efficiency, and launching of projects. Subordinate employees usually choose business gift baskets, for example for Boss’ Day.

Special business gift baskets are the perfect gift to express gratitude and consideration for the most important clients of your company and the other companies related to them. To impress clients and potential clients, to leave an unforgettable mark and to consolidate corporate image, the most convenient thing is to choose the deluxe baskets, since their attractive designs and high quality products are the key to stun people. At GIFT-BASKET-CORPORATE.COM we present some of the possible options of the wide variety of special business gift baskets. It is just a mere guide. Bear in mind that the different online shops that provide business gift baskets will offer you different types of baskets to choose from and besides, it is possible for you to customize those gifts. Special business gift baskets are those which prices range from $100 to $500 and which are filled with wine and champagne, high quality gourmet food, delicious chocolates and products of the best brands.

• Wine, gourmet food and chocolates basket.

A great option for wine lovers is the basket which combines bottles of the best wine together with the greatest things to accompany them in a special moment. One of the best options to taste a quality wine is the basket which includes three bottles of Cabernet. Sokol Blosser Pinot Noir, Beringer Chardonnay and Alexander’s Crown Single Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon are one of the well-known brands in the market and which guarantee a quality wine. These beverages come together with Camembert cheese, smoked cheese, smoked salmon, crackers, tapenade —anchovies, garlic and olives—, almonds, sweet cookies, Swiss chocolate truffle, red fruit snack, chocolates, chocolate bars with different fillings, cookies with white chocolate chips, almond crunchy, moka wafers and chocolate to highlight the wine’s flavor. The price is around $250. This kind of basket will be heaven for anyone!

Inside special business gift baskets you can include various brands of wines produced in the best vineyards of the world, according to the preferences of the recipient and the available budget. Some of the most requested wines are, beside the above mentioned — Cakebread Cabernet, Cakebread Merlot, Cakebread Chardonnay, Gloria Ferrer Carneros Chardonnay, Robert Mondavi Cabernet, Catena Malbec, Catena Chardonnay, Silver Oak Cabernet, Opus One Cabernet and Opus One Merlot. Any of these will make the occasion a special one!

• Champagne and gourmet food basket.

To award the best corporate employees, clients, partners and contacts, you can choose this type of basket. Champagne can be Dom Perignon, Moët & Chandon or Louis Roederer, the most prestigious and well-known brands, with multiple prizes for their quality. With high quality champagne any occasion can turn into a memorable one! Besides, a business gift basket, which its main attraction is the champagne, also includes many delicious things to increase the pleasure —smoked salmon, caviar, Camembert cheese, crackers, nuts mix, pretzels, almonds and hazelnut, chocolates, cookies, truffles, lemon cookies, candies and the like. This basket will delight the recipient. It is around $160.

• Chocolate Basket

This special business gift basket is ideal for those who love sweets. In this basket you can find chocolates of the most famous and high quality brands. Various bars of chocolates —bitter, milk, white, with peanuts, almonds, raisins, strawberries, mint, candy, etc—, truffles, chocolate laces and coffee grains, cherries, raisins and pretzels covered with white and black chocolate. Besides these delicious things, a basket of this style can include incredible chocolate and nuts cookies, brownies and peanut butter, to complete this sweet dreamy basket. You can give this very sweet gift just paying $130.

Special business gift baskets are the perfect presents for special dates such as Christmas. A memorable Christmas basket includes delicious things no one can resist and which can significantly consolidate corporate image. This baskets are decorated in such a way so as to impress those who receive them and invite them to enjoy the delicious things they carry —chocolate bars, brownies, sweet pretzels, honey creams, and other flavors for pretzels, glazed popcorn, almonds and nuts covered with caramel, chocolate cherries, cookies, chocolate laces, peanuts butter, truffles, cheese sticks, nut mixes and salty almonds, smoked salmon, crackers, cheese spread and many other high quality products.

Business gift baskets are an elegant and warm way to express the best wishes if an employee, executive, colleague or client gets married. A bottle of the best champagne, such as Dom Perignon, together with two glasses, refined chocolates, sophisticated flowers and a card with a congratulatory message, will make the bride and groom really happy in their special moment. Likewise, a solid and human company can express their consideration towards employees and clients when a baby is born. Baby gift baskets are designed with a happy spirit which celebrates the arrival of the new human being. Usually organic fabric clothes are included which do not irritate the baby’s skin, towels, blankets, non-toxic toys which are ideal for the baby to bite, soft soap and shampoo, perfumes, fun sponges and products of the like to guarantee the baby’s comfort and the parent’s easiness. The items can be in blue, pink, white and pastel colors.

To celebrate the birthday of a person related to the company, it is possible to give wine, champagne and/or chocolate gift baskets, but if you want to be original, you can choose a spa gift basket. These usually offer beauty and relaxation products, both for women and men, ideal to fight the stress and feel renovated. There are several products, such as: sponges, creamy and natural soaps, special oils, salts, perfumed dust, body creams and towels. All these soft and aromatic products will make people feel as new. When someone graduates is also a crucial moment which deserves to be celebrated. Then, to send a congratulatory corporate message, such as a prize for the effort and dedication, business gift baskets are an excellent choice. They can include champagne to toast and predict an excellent future, chocolates, striking flowers and balloons.

In case of convalescence, anyone will feel happy to receive one of these gift baskets which show health and wellbeing wishes. Gifts for employees, clients and contacts can consolidate human relations and will make the sick person feel loved by the company. Flowers, healthy food, fruits and cookies are excellent ways to show how important that person is to the company. Furthermore, in difficult times, it is possible to show condolences with a gift basket that shows affection, respect and care. Dry and fresh fruits, cookies, chocolates, together with a sober and warm decoration, will make this present a great demonstration of affection.

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