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Economic business gift baskets

Do you wish to make corporate gifts in the different occasions of the business and social world? An excellent way to show professionalism and unity in a company, as well as to show the existing human value in it, it is to offer gift baskets for your employees, real and potential clients, executives, suppliers and other contacts. Be it to award the effort and the launching of a project, a promotion, a retirement or an anniversary, employees will always thank a gift basket full of surprises. Christmas, as well as a wedding, a birth or a graduation are important moments in people’s lives which deserve a present. For both employees and clients, a perfect and economic option includes economic business gift baskets.

They are ideal to make a present for several people, especially if it is a small or medium-sized company. Thus, it is possible to make a good impression on everybody, without having to deal with a huge budget. For less than $100 you can get charming gift baskets full of taste and flavor. There is a wide variety of economic business presents, with elegant designs and high quality products which will satisfy those receiving them.

• Economic wine baskets

A striking and within reach for limited budgets, a basket with quality wines and delicious gourmet food will always be welcome. With designs of traditional or modern baskets, different wines can be included which will delight wine lovers. Some of the most popular options are Ironstone Vineyards Zinfandel, Ironstone Vineyards Cabernet, Ironstone Vineyards Chardonnay, Leaping Horse Merlot, Leaping Horse Chardonnay, Ravenswood Cabernet and Ravenswood Chardonnay. In order to accompany this bottle of wine, you can choose gourmet food —smoked salmon, crackers, Camembert cheese, pretzels, nuts and salty almonds, toasted pistachios, sausages, tapenade, cookies for wine, candies and sweet cookies. With a gift basket like this, satisfaction is guaranteed!

• Cider Baskets

To celebrate the most important corporate events, you can count with splendorous and bubbling business gift basket —a toast with cider can make any moment memorable. Together with cider, employees and clients can enjoy caviar, smoked salmon, pretzels, crackers, Brie cheese, nuts and salty almonds, chocolate truffles, almond crunches, sweet cookies, candies and cherries covered with chocolate. These gift baskets, besides making those receiving them happy, will make the corporate prestige increase considerably.

• Snacks baskets

Besides the above mentioned baskets, another good option consists of giving business gift baskets full of snacks, especially if you wish to give a good impression at the offices. You will have to pay $200 but one basket will be enjoyed by many employees. They will be delighted to receive this kind of basket, since they bring a lot of food to share with their colleagues —pretzels, creams of different flavors, chips, cheese sticks, sausages, crackers, cheese spread, nachos, sesame sticks, nut mix, peanuts, corn seeds and grains, sweet cookies, marmalades, sweet cream for pretzels, mix of dry fruits and glazed popcorn together with almonds and nuts covered with caramel. You can also include little snack gift baskets at really economic prices, around $30, to make individual gifts.

• Economic chocolate baskets

If you want to make a special gift in an important event, economic chocolate gift baskets are a great option. They come along with boxes with different types of chocolate, so people who love chocolate will be happy. What is better to thank the everyday effort of the employees and the loyalty of the clients than giving them chocolates? Many are the things included, such as different flavor chocolate bars, pretzels covered with white and black chocolate, truffles, almonds and chocolate crunchies, cookies with chocolate chips and almonds, brownies, pies filled with chocolate sauce and all kind of comfiture, such as raisins, cherries, almonds, hazelnuts and blueberries covered with milk chocolate. It is a truly irresistible economic business gift basket!

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